WROV Operations

The Work ROV is the workhorse of the subsea services spread and the operator’s extended arm into subsea. Typically equipped with two manipulators, the WROV can handle both rough operations and delicate finger tip work at several thousand meters depth.

Typical WROV operations include:

  • Cleaning and high pressure water jetting
  • Inspection and survey, capture of digital video and still photography documentation
  • Hatch operations on subsea structures and valve stations
  • CP measurements of structures and pipes
  • Cutting operations
  • Handling of rigging equipment: ROV hooks, shackles, soft slings etc.
  • Installation and recovery of seawater intake blinds on platforms and FPSOs
  • Electrical faultfinding and hydraulic leak detection
  • Valve operations using ROV manipulator, torque tool, or skid under the ROV
  • Replacement of flying leads, jumpers, cables and hoses
  • Replacement of sensors and meters
  • Support during ROT operations
  • Tool transportation