Recruitment Fraud

We are concerned that requests for applications and offers of employment are being made on behalf of SRI EMAS

We take pride in our recruitment processes and as such would like to advise candidates of the following:

  1. Email correspondence from SRI EMAS will always have the domain “”
  2. Emails from SRI EMAS will always have a standard email signature, which outlines the senders name, position, SRI EMAS logo, office address, telephone numbers and email address.
  3. We will always provide candidates with a land line number to contact any of our recruitment teams. Office telephone numbers can also be located on the contact us pages of the website.
  4. All offers of employment will be issued electronically in the first instance. This will be followed with a hard copy contract, including approved signatory and associated documentation.
  5. We will never ask for bank details until you have received a formal contract of employment from the Company, which has been signed by an approved signatory.
  6. If you believe you have been a target of recruitment fraud, please forward the email to:

The issuing of offers of employment from an unauthorised person is a criminal offence

Please take a look at our Current Opportunties page for more details.

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