CEO’s Message

SRI EMAS’s goal is to be recognized as a premier indigenous engineering, procurement, construction, installation and management (EPCIM) company within the oil and gas industry across the sub-region; a goal that requires the company to be a sustainable investment, employer, business partner and corporate citizen. Our core values and corporate sustainability commitments guide our conduct.

Our business strategy drives what we do to achieve long-term viability while providing safe, high quality and environmentally friendly marine and sub-sea EPCIM services to the oil and gas industry. Our core values and corporate sustainability commitments guides us to conduct our business in a responsible, ethical and safe manner.

We take responsibility for driving our business forward to the benefit of our stakeholders, seeking a return on their investment commensurate with our appraisal as the premier indigenous oil and gas service company in Ghana.

Our dream is to deliver successful projects together with all interested parties underpinned by local content, local innovations and local delivery.

We at Sri Emas have determined that our sustained growth and success in becoming an industry leader hinges on our continued ability to meet the requirements of our customers in a timely, cost effective, safe and high quality manner. As a result, top management of the company has been dedicated over the years to providing all the resources required to do this.

The requisite infrastructure, finances and competent staff have been made available to facilitate this. We have committed to ensuring our staff are the most innovative in the market with the capacity to understand and navigate their way around any challenges that may occur in satisfying our clients. We make sure they receive the most relevant and comprehensive training available to ensure this.

Our belief, and the guarantee we provide to our customers, is that Health, Safety & Environment are imperative to our scope of work. Everything we do is governed by the requirements of International Standards of OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Top management of our company appreciates the impact of these standards in our line of business and so have committed a lot of work and resources to establishing and maintaining them in our business. We believe these standards facilitate our ability to provide extremely high quality services to our clients under the safest and most environmentally friendly conditions. With these, our customers are guaranteed the best outcomes available.

Sri Emas (SEL) is highly focused on local content where we seek to ensure full participation of locals in our scope of work. Management has ensured there is full utilization of local capacity by subcontracting very significant services to local companies ensuring skill improvement which later benefits the society at large. We have subcontracted several of our operations to local contractors under clearly established arrangements. The goal is to contribute our quota to developing the capacities of locals and providing employment opportunities to maximize the economic benefits they derive from the oil and gas natural resource they are endowed with.

It is our hope and belief that you will benefit immensely from the contribution of Sri Emas in the oil and gas industry and we look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you by having you on board as a satisfied client.

Sulemen Iddrissu
CEO, Sri Emas

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